GLIIFCA 25 Anniversary Party!

The GLIIFCA meetings are famous for their costume parties! They may not be on the scale of the Carlos de Beistegui's 1951 soirée held in the Palazzo Labia in Venice, or Mrs. Cornelia Bradley-Martin ball of 1897 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, but we definitely have lots of fun (and we should be listed here!). Indeed, some people say that the party alone is a reason to come to GLIIFCA (I am not looking at you Alex... or you, Paul)!

It is our pleasure to announce the Anniversary GLIIFCA Party

The planning committee is very excited to bring a fun and exciting banquet to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of GLIIFCA. The banquet will be a black tie affair to ring in the Silver Year of one of the most committed and engaging regional imaging & flow cytometry meetings around the globe.

The evening will be full of fun starting with dinner and followed by an open bar, a DJ for dancing, dance competition, a photo booth, and the 2nd annual cornhole tournament. We will have prizes for the winners and raffle prizes throughout the evening.

For questions regarding the GLIIFCA 24 Gold Banquet please contact Hether Ide.

You can pre-register for the cornhole tournament here.

Interested in sponsoring the GLIIFCA party? Please click here to open the sponsor/exhibitor registration form.

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