2021 Program

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Daniel Gil, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
    • “Patient-derived cancer organoid tracking using label-free optical imaging to assess treatment response”
  • Patricia Rogers, Broad Institute
    • Single Cell Genomics Applications for the Flow Cytometry SRL
  • John Nolan, Scintillon Institute
    • “Single Vesicle Flow Cytometry: Just Like Measuring Cells, But Different”
  • Judd F. Hultquist, PhD, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine
    • “The Ongoing Evolution of SARS-CoV-2: Causes, Consequences, and Implications”

Sponsor Tech Talks:

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Roundtable Discussion Topics:

  • High-Dimensional Panel Design
  • ISAC SRL Recognition Program
  • Autofluorescence: An obstacle or an asset?
  • Qualifying instruments and assays for EV flow cytometry
  • Test Development and Validation in a Diagnostic Flow Cytometry
  • Establishing a research pipeline involving multiple cores
  • Shared Resource Laboratory – Virtual Training
  • Establishing a Single Cell Genomics Workflow in a Flow Cytometry SRL
  • Benefits of blending image based and conventional flow cytometry to study non-mammalian cells
  • Troubleshooting and Building Spectral Cytometry Assays
  • Shared Resource Laboratory – Incorporating New Instrumentation
  • Setting Yourself Up for Success: First Steps in High Dimensional Analysis
Image of 2021 program