Exhibitor FAQ

2024 – Important note: This year’s meeting will be held Thursday September 12th – Saturday September 14th, 2024. The meeting will kick off with instrument demos on Thursday and continue with programming on Friday and Saturday. The exhibit hall is open Friday and Saturday. There are no Sunday sessions.

New for 2024! Add-on sponsorships

  1. Live Instrument Demonstrations $1,000 (12 sponsorships available, limit 1 per company) Based on overwhelming feedback from last year’s attendees, this year’s conference will kick off with live instrument demos. Sponsorship at the Gold, Silver, or Bronze level is required to sponsor an instrument demo. This add-on sponsorship comes with one additional vendor badge.
    • Dedicated demos (Thursday) – Participants are assigned to small groups with dedicated time on each instrument throughout the day.
    • Open demos (Friday) – Instrument demos are also available during the conference with scheduling left to the discretion of each vendor.
    • Onsite – All demos will be conducted on site in dedicated rooms next to the exhibit hall and seminar rooms.
    • Post-demo survey – Post-demo instrument surveys will be sent to all participants and survey results will be provided to all demo vendors.
  2. Buy-the-bar option: option to sponsor one (or more) of the meeting receptions (3 sponsorships available at $750 or $1000). Receptions include the opening on Friday evening and banquet Saturday night.

Sponsorship options

  1. We are interested in sponsoring GLIIFCA with meeting attendance. What does this entail? In 2024, there are three sponsorship tiers available (limit one sponsorship per company):
    • Gold $3,000 (3 sponsorships available) – includes sponsorship of a Scientific Session and a 10-minute talk at the beginning of the session. Comes with 4 vendor badges.
    • Silver $2,250 (10 sponsorships available) – includes a 5-minute Exhibitor Tech Talk during the Friday Exhibitor Tech Talk session. Comes with 3 vendor badges.
    • Bronze $1,500 (unlimited sponsorships available) – base sponsorship. Comes with 2 vendor badges.
  2. What does all sponsorship include?
    • Access to meals (including breaks and banquet)
    • Basic show services: 6’ skirted table, chairs, 5-amp outlet, secure Wi-Fi, secure door locks, storage of shipping boxes
    • Company logo and a link to company website on the GLIIFCA website
    • Logo on the meeting materials including the digital meeting program
    • List of attendee contacts (attendees who opt-in)
  3. What additional sponsorship is available? In addition to the sponsorship tiers, the following options are available:
    • Instrument Demo: option to provide an instrument demonstration to meeting attendees Thursday and Friday. More information above in New for 2024!
    • Buy-the-bar option: option to sponsor one (or more) of the meeting receptions. More information above in New for 2024!
    • Raffle Prizes: provided at the discretion of the company; will be raffled off during the Exhibitor Tech Talks
      • Example prizes: gift cards, tumblers, plushies, etc.
    • First Time Attendee item: “swag” for the bag that first time GLIIFCA attendees receive
  4. We have opted to sponsor GLIIFCA with meeting attendance, but want to register more than the number of delegates that comes with our sponsorship level. How do we register additional delegates?  Tiered support comes with the following number of company attendees:
      • Gold: 4 company attendees
      • Silver: 3 company attendees
      • Bronze: 2 company attendees

    Companies who would like to register additional attendees may add vendor badges on the sponsorship/registration form. Each additional vendor badge is an additional $200 in support.

  5. When does GLIIFCA exhibitor sponsorship/registration open? GLIIFCA vendor registration usually opens mid- to late-March, and you will be notified by email once the registration form is active. Emails will come from exhibitors@gliifca.orgPlease make sure that this email address is on your safe senders list.
  6. How do vendors register? Vendors are automatically registered when a company submits their meeting sponsorship. The sponsorship/registration form link will be sent by email and can also be found on the Exhibitor Information page. Please complete the company attendee information on the sponsorship form. To update company attendees, please contact exhibitors@gliifca.org.
  7. When do I get the list of attendees? The list of attendees will be provided one to two weeks after the meeting.
  8. Have the attendees on the list agreed to receive contact from vendors? Yes, attendees on the list checked an opt-in box on the registration form.

Sponsor presentation opportunities

  1. What opportunities are available for Exhibitors to present during the GLIIFCA meeting? There are two sponsorship options that provide an opportunity for exhibitors to present at the GLIIFCA meeting. These options are a forum for sponsors to provide a brief presentation introducing new technology, new instrumentation, new reagents, etc.
    • Gold sponsorship – opportunity to provide a 10-minute oral presentation at the beginning of a Scientific Session. 3 sponsorships available.
    • Silver sponsorship – opportunity to provide a 5-minute oral presentation during the Exhibitor Tech Talk session. 10 sponsorships available.
  2. Our company has sponsored at the Gold or Silver level. How do I submit an abstract for our talk? Abstracts can be submitted using the provided link. The link will be sent with the meeting sponsorship confirmation email.
  3. What is the format of the oral presentation?
    • Gold (Talk during Scientific Session) – Each presentation is strictly limited to 10 minutes. We therefore recommend a maximum of 10 slides (including title and acknowledgement slide). There is no Q & A period as we want to foster interest in your products and services and have attendees visit your tables in the exhibit area.
    • Silver (Exhibitor Tech Talk) – Each presentation is strictly limited to 5 minutes. We therefore recommend a maximum of 5 slides (including title and acknowledgement slide). There is no Q & A period as we want to foster interest in your products and services and have attendees visit your tables in the exhibit area.
  4. Will abstracts be available on the website? Yes, abstracts will be added to the GLIIFCA website.
  5. When do the presentations take place? Gold-sponsor presentations take place at the beginning of their dedicated Scientific Session and occur throughout the meeting. Silver-sponsor presentations take place during the Exhibitor Tech Talk session on Friday. Exhibitors will be notified of their time slot before the GLIIFCA meeting.
  6. How do we upload our presentation? Before the meeting we will connect you with our AV coordinator to make sure your presentation is loaded onto the GLIIFCA laptop. This will help make a smooth transition between presentations.

Meeting location, set-up and housekeeping

  1. We want to bring an instrument and run it live. Is this possible? Yes. Please note that this is a table-top event. There are two options to bring an instrument to the meeting:
    • Option 1: Sponsor an instrument demonstration (see above in New for 2024!) – takes place Thursday and Friday.
    • Option 2: Bring an instrument to the exhibit hall – takes place Friday and Saturday.
    • Make sure to complete the instrument information in the sponsorship form. Notify GLIIFCA if you need a table with 20-amp service or have any additional requirements. If you are sponsoring an instrument demonstration AND plan to show your instrument in the main exhibit space, please make arrangements to move the instrument to the exhibit hall at the end of your demo.
  2. When does the exhibit hall open? The exhibit hall opens in the early afternoon of Friday September 13, 2024 and is open the Friday and Saturday of the meeting. Updated schedule information will be provided as it becomes available.
  3. Do we need to use a specific code or link to make a hotel reservation for the meeting?  Yes, reservations should be made using the GLIIFCA hotel block. This helps ensure that GLIIFCA does not incur additional meeting costs. Instructions are provided with sponsor registration.
  4. How do I find my exhibit table in the exhibit hall? Exhibit tables will be assigned for those exhibitors requesting 20-amp service. The remainder of the table locations will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Instrument demonstration set-up and housekeeping

  1. When is the demo open to meeting attendees? Instrumentation demonstrations will be open Thursday September 12 and Friday September 13, 2024.
  2. When can we install our instrument? Vendors may start installing their instruments at 6pm the evening of Wednesday September 11, 2024. More information will be sent as it becomes available.
  3. Where will the demo be held? Instrument demos will take place in designated rooms (4 instruments per room) located in the meeting venue and adjacent to the exhibitor hall and seminar spaces. Vendors will receive their assigned space before the meeting.
  4. What electrical service is available? Either 5-amp or 20-amp service is available to run your instrumentation. Please inform the exhibitor committee of your electrical requirements by August 14, 2024.
  5. Is the room locked? Yes, all demo spaces will be locked when not in use.
  6. Are meals available during the demo time? Exhibitors have access to the same meals as meeting attendees. Currently, breakfast and lunch are planned for Thursday September 12, 2024. Dinner is on your own. Vendors have the option to host Thursday evening dinners at the venue of their choice around the hotel.

Payments and late fees

  1. How are sponsorship payments processed? Sponsorship payments are processed through PayPal and can be paid by either PayPal or credit card. If PayPal/credit card is not an option, please contact exhibitors@gliifca.org.
  2. What if my payment is late? Any payments for the 2024 GLIIFCA/ORVCA meeting that are received after September 9, 2024 will be assessed a 10% monthly surcharge.