Exhibitor FAQ

Sponsorship options

  1. We are interested in sponsoring GLIIFCA with meeting attendance. What does this entail?

A minimum $1000 base support is needed. $1000 base support includes:

    • free meeting registration for 2 delegates
    • all meals (breaks and banquet)
    • eligibility to submit an abstract to the Industrial Science Symposium (ISS), please see below for additional information – note: ISS abstract submission does not equal a presentation – presentations are selected after review.
    • basic show services: skirted table (standard or heavy duty), chairs, AC outlet (5&20 amp), secure Wi-Fi, secure door locks, storage of shipping boxes
  1. What additional sponsorship is available?

In addition to minimum base support ($1000), additional items can be sponsored:

    • Scientific Session Sponsorship: $1000 per session
    • Awards: $300 per award for travel award and poster award
    • Social event support: various opportunities available, please see our chart
    • Prizes: various opportunities available, please see our chart
  1. We have opted to sponsor GLIIFCA with meeting attendance but want to register more than 2 delegates. How do we register additional delegates?  $1000 base support includes 2 free meeting registrations. Each additional $200 support above base support equals 1 free additional meeting registration. For items that can be sponsored, see previous question.
  2. What does all sponsorship include?
    • company logo and a link to vendor website on the GLIIFCA website
    • logo on the GLIIFCA meeting program given to each attendee
    • company acknowledgement via official GLIIFCA twitter account before and during the meeting
    • access to the attendee list after the meeting
  1. When does GLIIFCA vendor registration open? GLIIFCA vendor registration usually opens in mid-March, and you will be notified by email once the registration form is active.
  2. How do vendors register? For registration, please use the link provided in our email. The link can also be found on the GLIIFCA website.
  3. When do I get the list of attendees? The list of attendees will be provided one to two weeks after the meeting.
  4. Have the attendees on the list agreed to receive contact from vendors? Yes, attendees on the list checked an opt-in box on the registration form.

Industrial Science Symposium (ISS)

  1. What is the ISS? The Industrial Science Symposium (ISS) is a forum for sponsoring vendors to give a 12-minute oral presentation introducing new technology, instrumentation, etc. The ISS takes place Friday evening of the GLIIFCA meeting (after the core managers meeting and before the main meeting).
  2. How do Vendors get to present at the ISS? Vendors are invited to submit an abstract before the submission deadline in early August (please check our website for most up-to-date deadline). Nine presentations are selected, and submitting authors are notified by email.
  3. Is GLIIFCA sponsorship required for abstract submission? Yes, full (i.e. minimum $1000) is required before abstract submission.
  4. What is the cost for one of the ISS presentation slots? There is no cost for the ISS slots, but full GLIIFCA sponsorship is required before abstract submission.
  5. How do I submit an abstract for the ISS? Abstracts can be submitted directly on our website using the provided form. We will only consider abstracts submitted via the form on our website – abstracts submitted via email to any GLIIFCA steering group or vendor committee will NOT be considered.
  6. What is the format of the oral presentation? Each presentation is strictly limited to 12 minutes. We therefore recommend a maximum of 12 slides (including title and acknowledgement slide). There is no Q & A period as we want to foster interest in your products and services and have attendees visit your tables in the exhibit area.
  7. What are the selection criteria?  Priority for abstract selection goes to those companies who are new to the GLIIFCA meeting and to those who have not presented at GLIIFCA in the past 2-3 years. 
  8. Will abstracts be available on the website? Submitted and accepted abstracts will be added to the GLIIFCA website.
  9. How do we upload our presentation? Before the meeting we will connect you with our AV coordinator to make sure your presentations are either loaded onto the GLIIFCA laptop or that your personal laptops are ready to go. This will help make a smooth transition between presentations.

Meeting location, set-up and housekeeping

  1. We want to bring our instrument and run it live. Is this possible? Please note that this is a table top event. Notify GLIIFCA if you will need a table with 20amp service, or have any additional requirements.