GLIIFCA 30 Presenter Information

Links for Presenters:

Scientific talk presenters: You should have received a zoom invite

All other presenters: Use the same links as the attendees. Links can be found here:

All presenters should ensure that their Zoom profile name accurately reflects their own.

There are two ways to change your name:

  • Place your cursor over the box that contains your webcam video. A button with “…” should appear in one of the corners. Select that button and then select “rename”.
  • Click on the “participants” button to open the list of participants. Place your cursor over your name and click “more” and then “rename”.
 Email for technical assistance during the meeting.


Quick tips for the vendor fair and roundtable sessions:

(download as powerpoint here)

Tips for Presenters

Zoom Meeting Producer: MaryAnne Naundorf


Introductions: Dagna Sheerar 

Q&A Moderator: Matt Cochran


  • All presenters should enter this event 5 minutes before start time
  • Speaker has presenter role in Zoom
  • Moderators will turn on their webcam when you have 1 minute remaining
  • Practice Sessions for Scientific Talks are available on September 9, 2021 (see zoom links at top of page)


  • Introduction by GLIIFCA President, Dagna Sheerar
  • Special thanks to sponsor
  • Speaker Presents Seminar
  • Matt Cochran will monitor Q&A and present most common/pertinent questions to Speaker at end of talk
  • Breakout room leaders should enter this event as soon as previous break begins (5 minutes before start time)
  • Sponsors that opted for breakout rooms should assign a room leader
  • Attendees are free to come and go to various breakout rooms.
  • Hosts will be able to share content as in any Zoom Meeting
  • If you need technical help during the session, email
  • Practice Sessions for Vendor Breakout Rooms are available on September 10, 2021 (see zoom links at top of page)

Tips for your session:

  • Items in chat are visible to attendees depending on when they entered breakout room (chats posted prior to an individual’s entrance will not be visible to that entrant)
  • Remind attendees to use the Raise Hand feature for questions to avoid interruptions as people enter the room.  
  • Suggest starting session with a welcome message to attendees with some topics of interest (maybe  you have new reagents, new software, new services, etc.).  If you have a useful link for attendees, it may be helpful to post in chat multiple times throughout the session
  • Suggestions for keeping folks engaged:  General polls than can be answered by using Raise Hand feature or by entering short answers in chat (Raise your hand if you’re currently using Software X?, How many are currently looking at more than 20 parameters by flow cytometry?)
  • Links to surveys can be posted to Chat and results can be shared via Share Screen option

Moderator: Christiane Hassel

  • All presenters should enter this event as soon as previous break begins (5 minutes before start time)
  • Each Tech Talk is strictly limited to 7 minutes
  • Speakers will see host webcam turn on when one minute is left
  • 3 Tech Talks per session
  • Practice Sessions for Technology Session are available on September 10, 2021 (See links at top of page)
  • Breakout room leaders should enter this event as soon as previous break begins (5 minutes before start time)  
  • We are asking attendees to choose one session per day and not to leave/enter multiple sessions to minimize disruptions.
  • If you need technical help during the session, email
  • Hosts will be able to share content as in any Zoom Meeting
  • Roundtable Discussion will end at 12:50 and all attendees will be moved to the “lobby” for the day’s wrap up and prize drawings.
  • Practice Sessions for Technology Session are available on September 10, 2021 (see top of page for links)

Roundtable Format

  1. Welcome presented by Roundtable Host:

    As this is a virtual meeting we are asking the hosts to read a quick Introduction using the Script below to facilitate a productive discussion:

    Welcome and thank you for attending [Title of your Roundtable].  I am [Your Name and Affiliation] and this is [Name of Co-Host and Affiliation].  Before we start we would like to thank GLIIFCA for this opportunity and our sponsors for making this meeting possible, especially [insert name of roundtable sponsor if different than “GLIIFCA”] for sponsoring this roundtable. Please note these sessions are not being recorded to maintain confidentiality and we encourage you all to participate and speak freely in this discussion.  To ensure that this is a positive experience for everyone we ask that you are respectful to all participants and keep your microphones muted to minimize background noise unless you are speaking. We also suggest that you use the “raise hand” function in zoom so that [name of your cohost] and I can make sure that everyone gets a chance to speak. Finally, we ask that you stay in this room for the duration of the session to avoid disruption of discussion by entering and exiting the various other sessions.

  2. Attendee Introductions: Ask participants to introduce themselves by stating their name and their background or relationship to the topic. These introductions may provide additional information help tailor the discussion to the general level of knowledge of the audience.
  3. Discussion/Questions: Start out with a few discussion questions to stimulate the conversation. Review your experience with the topic and some challenges that you have had to overcome. Ask what challenges others are facing with that topic today.

Tips for Hosting a Roundtable

  • Establish some of the pressing issues that can be discussed at the table and moderate discussion on these.

  • Review some of the questions and concerns and provide follow up to their questions. Distribute your contact information should they have any concerns in the future.

  • Focus on facilitating the session, not on leading it or the results you would like to obtain. Let the discussion take its own course. Keep the conversation on topic and moving.

  • Additional ideas for creating an interactive session:  

    • Ask questions of the attendees that can answer by raising of hands or by entering short responses in the chat (e.g. How many of you are currently sorting for Single Cell Genomics analysis? Do you currently have a spectral cytometer in your lab? Enter into the chat any non-mammalian samples you are currently analyzing in your lab?)

    • Use participant and chat views to see/tally responses. (If participants use the “raise hand” function or any emojis the icons will appear next to their name in the participant list)

    • If you have short surveys, you can post link to third party survey in chat and share results via Share Screen option.

    • Use anecdotes/stories from your own experience to provide relatable examples of workflows, troubleshooting techniques, best practices, etc., specific to your topic of interest.